WebLi Broadband Network

Prepare to be making Greatest, Happiness, and Supper First Internet Suffering. The sophistication and high capacity of WebLi Network helps us deliver the highest levels service to our customers.

Fiber Optic Communication

The scalability of our distributed and redundant network allows us to deliver fail safe Internet solutions including more backup options at a service level – with great efficiency. And the system is entirely supported by our fiber team, engaged in providing continuous service expanding fiber network and , against fiber-cut.Fiber technicians install new cable lines, both underground and on telephone poles, and also perform maintenance on existing cables, repairing old or malfunctioning cables. Technicians cut and splice fiber optic cables, locate problem areas and perform other repairs as needed.

Fiber media converters can connect different local area network (LAN) media, modifying duplex and speed settings. Switching media converters can connect legacy 10BASE-T network segments to more recent 100BASE-TX or 100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet infrastructure. For example, existing half-duplex hubs can be connected to 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet network segments over 100BASE-FX fiber.

When expanding the reach of the LAN to span multiple locations, media converters are useful in connecting multiple LANs to form one large campus area network that spans over a limited geographic area. As premises networks are primarily copper-based, media converters can extend the reach of the LAN over single-mode fiber up to 25 kilometers with 1550 nm and 1310 nm optics.