WAN bandwidth requirements are growing at rates exceeding 30% per year fuelled by bandwidth hungry real time network applications and business growth. Ethernet Leased Line services offer the ease and scalability of Ethernet LAN technology across a wide area communication network that makes them the right choice for building WANs of growing businesses. Scalability is unmatched compared to traditional access technologies. Bandwidth is easily scalable from 64 Kbps to 1Gbps on the same interface. With standard LAN interfaces, Ethernet Leased Line services enable customers to link their sites together with the same equipment and solutions they use in their local networks. Ethernet Leased Line services support both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links.

Webli Internet offers verity of services. We have customized our packages to satisfy the customer need which is the result of continuous market research. The packages combined with Value Added Services (VAS). They can pick just the right one for them. The speed can reach up to their expectation and depend on their desired VAS they can choose the package also.Benefits for Internet Leased Lines users, Small and Medium Businesses and Students user :-

  • Wide range of Service Packs – One & More Plans.
  • Ethernet Leased Lines Access - Always on.
  • No month end Surprises - "Pay for what you Surf".
  • 24X7 Activation, Support and Easy & Instant Recharge and Bill Pay.


Webli Ethernet Leased Line services can be used for the interconnection of Ethernet networks between two or more Enterprise offices. Dedicated Bandwidth, Internet Leased Lines an Enterprise grade Internet service with speeds 10/100/1000 mbps upwards. Webli Enterprise Solutions delivers Internet Leased Lines over Secure Wireless last mile, hence providing Media diversity and Service Provider Redundancy to meet the Internet needs of an organization.

WebLi offers corporate internet service for business users. It is a tempting Internet offering designed to meet dedicated bandwidth requirements to support critical business applications. It can simply span short or long distances.

Features:• 1:1 bandwidth is guaranteed.
• Always on and HIGH SPEED up to 98 mbps
• DOWNLOAD information, graphics, video and music files QUICKLY and easily
• UNLIMITED USAGE – uploads or downloads
• LOW entry costs
• Market globally ON LINE
• Extend NETWORKS and email systems to include REMOTE OFFICES and teleworkers
• Improve PERFORMANCE and value from systems and software
• 24 X 7 network management