Webli has introducing a like to liking first Broadband to Home service ensures delivery of Hi-Speed Broadband to customers without any hassle through Wired & Wireless Network Infrastructure. Be it an education abroad, a high flying job, a wide network of friends, the most suitable life partner, and library full of movies now you can have it all. Experience a Broadband life and discover endless possibilities. Download your favourite songs, play exclusive games, send or receive large documents photos as email attachments on a lightning fast, secure & reliable Internet connection. With The Webli’s high speed Broadband, enjoy superior way to access rich information of internet with enough fun & learning for everyone. At Wired Broadband; strong Fiber Optic Network & Wireless broadband point-to-multipoint using several base stations with different license free frequencies in the range of 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz to transmit the signal and Broadcasting spectrum frequencies Webli license at Hi-Quality Connectivity with World Class Superior Peripherals gives a hassle free uninterrupted Internet Service.

Webli Internet offers verity of services for Home users and SOHO. We have customized our packages to satisfy the customer need which is the result of continuous market research. The packages combined with Value Added Services (VAS). They can pick just the right one for them. The speed can reach up to their expectation and depend on their desired VAS they can choose the package also.Benefits for Home users, Small and Medium Businesses and Students user :-

  • Wide range of Service Packs – Limited, Unlimited & Night Plans.
  • Broadband Access - Always on, No Telephone, No Modem.
  • No month end Surprises - "Pay for what you Surf".
  • 24X7 Activation, Support and Easy & Instant Recharge.
WebLi Office Broadband Get 1:1 Symmetric Bandwidth with easy terms & conditions at very affordable price. Constant Service Monitoring & Prompt Response ensures 99.5% uptime with complete peace of mind.
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Webli Broadband Hi-Quality World Class Superior services….

High bandwidth consumer plans with download speed from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps are available in the Market. User will get bandwidth of Any Mbps and WebLi Presents most affordable plans for broadband internet, it can be achieved on a single PC, and same may be achieved if we connect multiple PC’s in LAN and start multiple downloads on each PC.

This Packages are available on selected area basis at Kolkata and West Bangal, Before accessing our first office broadband services it is recommended to contact your Local Operator.

*Commercial package and plans have been Speed ratio is 1:1 **Commercial plans have been speed download and upload speed is also same.


Commercial Plan have better contention ratio with same upload speed. Option of dedicated public IP available. Given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines. Rates may vary to different locations & service infrastructure.

Other Benefits for Office Broadband
* Need your Speed and get your Package   * Office plan 512kbps to 155mbps and get more mbps
* Choose your speed almost better your Price   * Any mbps your plan are available on webli broadband