WebLi Broadband Network

Prepare to be making Greatest, Happiness, and Supper First Internet Suffering. The sophistication and high capacity of WebLi Network helps us deliver the highest levels service to our customers.

Easy Call Set Up – Gone are the days when IT Administration support was required for conducting a Video Conference. A telephone-like number now represents the IP Video location so that enterprise users can now setup the video conference as easily as a phone call.

Choice of Selecting Bandwidth – IP Video Call service can be availed in various bandwidth options of 384 Kbps onwards to 2 Mbps or beyond on a single interface.

Choice of 242 IP Video Studios – Enterprises can now invite participants to join the video conference at any of the 242 public IP video studios locations while they conduct video conferencing from the comfort of their offices.

Multiple Layout and Voice Activated Switching –
Consider a multi-party conference in which a CEO is addressing regional offices. There is no longer a need to switch between screens to see different offices. With multiple layouts, up to nine sites can be seen on a single screen. Also, the current speaker is highlighted on the receiving screens.

Speed Matching –
If the Head Office and the regional offices are connected at high bandwidth and the branch offices are connected on a lower bandwidth then the high bandwidth locations continue to enjoy a superior experience in spite of few lower bandwidth locations
Hybrid – External participants not having access to IP video service can also join the video conference on either ISDN or audio.