WebLi Wi-Fi is the worldwide network of companies that brings you free Wi-Fi

Today, Wi-Fi is in 45 percent of homes around the world, and about two billion Wi-Fi devices were sold in 2014. Wi-Fi adoption continues to grow, and the common vision of connecting everyone and everything, everywhere continues to inform the collaboration of our members. Today about 400 Wi-Fi WebLi member companies from dozens of countries take part in our highly-effective organization, driving new technologies and applications and certifying thousands of Wi-Fi products each year..Benefits for Wi-Fi user :-

  • Wide range of Service Packs – Low Cost Plans.
  • WiFi Access - Always on, No Security Key, No IP.
  • No month end Surprises - "Pay for what you Surf".
  • 24X7 Activation, Support and Easy & Instant Recharge.

Webli provide Wi-Fi Service to your house, home and your area for personal use or for sharing with friend; Eco-Friendly and User Friendly Broadband Internet service using Mobile, Laptop, Tube & etc.  Through Latest Webli WiFi technologic. More coverage and more accessing webli WiFi service on your devices. Webli WiFi Maximum and Completely Indoor/Outdoor active connectivity power.

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Webli Wi-Fi Connecting everyone and everything, everywhere….

The innovation and thought leadership of Wi-Fi WebLi continues to drive new Wi-Fi applications and products that enrich the lives of users around the world. Our certification portfolio will soon expand to include solutions based on the technology behind WiGiL®. We continue to explore the possibilities of other emerging technologies, such as white spaces, all with a relentless focus on delivering the great user experience that underpins the success of Wi-Fi.

Communicate without wires at multi-gigabit speeds. It enables high performance wireless data.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct® is a certification mark for devices supporting a technology that enables your Wi-Fi devices to connect directly, making it simple and convenient to do things like print, share, sync & display. Products bearing the Wi-Fi Direct certification mark can connect to one another without joining a traditional home, office or....